Frequently asked questions 

I am totally unfit, I don’t think it’s for me?

We have had many people come along that have changed their fitness and strength levels over time. It can be done at your pace, and you will be encouraged by everyone at the club.

I have no equipment or kit.

We can lend you a gi (the outfit for training) for the first session to see if it is for you.The beauty of the art is that he gi is all you need to train, no equipment or other kit is required.

I’m injured and can’t train!

There are always certain injuries that we can’t assist with, but for most we can.We have extensive experience with recovery and understanding of injury and health issues/concerns.

Can I just use the gym equipment?

Absolutely, it’s free for all members, be it single session or monthly memberships.


Rest assured we are here to help everyone get where they want to, safely and at their own pace.

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